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Spigen Classic C1 review Iphone

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You do not know it by its exact name, but if you show a photo of iMac G3, you can recognize it.

‘Defector’ on the Oculus is basically VR spy training

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When I can become an incompetent killer, it turns out that I’m not half a bad secret agent man. On Thursday, I got an opportunity to donate the Oculus headset and got the chance to play Twisted Pixel’s next spying simulator, the level of the Deccan. I just blew my own cover!

I need one of 8Bitdo’s incredibly tiny Switch controllers

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It is usually silent on the hardware front of the E3 2018, cardboard arcade cabinets aside. However, there are always people buying for the controllers, and 8-bit is its retro-styled controller,

A complete 5G standard is finally here

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Last December, 3GPP – an international organization that supervised cellular standards – approved a non-standalone 5G specification that was still to rely on current 4G / LTE networks.

Gmail proves that some people hate smart suggestions

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Gmail has recently introduced a new redesign. While you can disable or ignore most of the new features, Gmail has begun to restore the old unanswered email with a suggestion that you should answer.

‘The Last Of You: Part II’ can jump between two points in time

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Naughty Dog E3 Trailer for The Last Of Us: Part II gave us a good idea of ​​what the fight like the main character Eli would be, but the story is still a mystery to a great extent.

E3 2018: Devil May Cry 5 Launches In 2019; Watch The Reveal Trailer

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After 10 years of Devil May Cry 4, fans of the series are getting a true sequel. Microsoft announced that Devil May Cry V spring 2019 is coming. This first viewed the audience during its E3 2018 press conference, and you can see the presentation in the above video.

vivo NEX S and NEX A hands-on review

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Introduction It is rare for a concept device to go mass production without losing its best feature. Vivo Nex just does this and it also comes in two versions, NEX S and Nex A, so that you can get bleeding shores or more economical options.

The fortnight will not support cross-play between Nintendo Switch and PS

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Nintendo surprised the gamers by offering Fortnight on the switch, the same day they officially announced it. Some gamers were shocked and upset that they were not allowed to play on their portable consoles until they created new accounts.

Lenovo ThinkPad P52 adds VR

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The new Thinkpad 52 Mobile Workstation Dell Precision 7530 has joined a small but growing number of relatively compact 15-inch models, which can be configured as a VR-ready and high-quality display. This is the first of Lenovo’s capacity.

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